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The Kochendorfers and Cripps

When the Kochendorfers and Cripps first met, it was obvious they shared the same dream of one day opening a brewery. With the Kochendorfer’s entrepreneurial spirit and the Cripps' vast knowledge of the craft beer industry, Kochendorfer Brewing Company was born. After some disappointments in starting the brewery in Oklahoma City, it became apparent that, with the Cripps residing near Duncan and Laura’s family ties to the area, Duncan would be the perfect place to begin this journey. The brewery is located at 1155 McCurdy Rd in Duncan, sitting on five wooded acres of land with a large covered patio space, and is a destination for friends and families to get together. The brewery will host tours, as well as maintain a taproom for craft beer purchases. Future plans include a bandstand, food trucks, family friendly outdoor games, walking trails, as well as a fenced-in playground so that families can get away for the day and enjoy the outdoors together.

Brewery Founders



Chris and Laura Kochendorfer met in Norman in 2006 and were married in 2010. They recently moved their family, including their three children, Jemma, Jane and Jax, to Duncan to be closer to the brewery and Laura's hometown of Marlow. Chris graduated from Glenpool High School in 2003 and went on to receive a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma. Laura graduated from Marlow High School in 2004 and went on to receive a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Oklahoma. They own an auto hail damage repair company and operate a small non-profit, Fostering Foundations. Chris has been an avid home-brewer for the last seven years and has had the opportunity to visit many breweries across the country, dreaming of one day bringing those experiences back to Oklahoma.



Lenny and Kathryn Cripps met at Purdue University and were married in 1981. Lenny grew up in Michigan and Kathryn in St. Louis, and they traveled the world while Kathryn served 21 years as an Army dentist. In addition to several duty stations throughout the U.S., the couple spent over seven years in Germany. During their first tour in northern Bavaria, Lenny quickly realized that he was no longer content with typical American light beers. In 1990, he began to brew his own craft beers. The more he brewed, the more he envisioned himself as a professional brewer. Lenny went on to work at and help establish numerous breweries including JD Nicks (Illinois), Jeremiah's (Kentucky), Downtown (Asheville), and Yellow Rose (San Antonio). During Kathryn's second tour in Germany, Lenny interned at Park Brauerei in Germany and Hook Norton Brewery in England, while researching extensively on the nuances of European and British beer styles. Kathryn retired in 2005 as a Colonel from Fort Sill, and the Cripps settled down in rural Stephens County near Duncan. Lenny continues to hone his brewing craft, having perfected well over two dozen styles of beer. His motto is: 'If you don't like beer, you just haven't tried the right one.'

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