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Progress Continues on Duncan Brewery

LAWTON, OK (TNN) - Construction continues on a brewery that will soon be coming to Duncan.

We first told you about Kochendorfer Brewing back in October. Their building is now constructed, and they are hoping to be open later this year.

While they're still several months away from selling beer, the owners of Kochendorfer Brewing say the first steps towards opening are already complete. One of those steps was actually finishing the building.

"The footprint for the building is about 7,000 square feet. That’s with the patio and everything. The interior part of the building, the brewery part, is about 3,000 square feet and the inside, the tap room, is about 2,000 square feet,” said co-owner Chris Kochendorfer.

Just outside that tap room sits the patio, with windows looking back into brewery, allowing guests to watch as the beer is brewed. But the actual building is just where the fun starts.

"We’re going to have an outdoor beer garden, it will be lighted, and hopefully have a playground right behind it so you can sit and enjoy yourself and watch your children and have a good time,” said co-owner Lenny Cripps.

Just beyond the beer garden sits two paths. The one on the left will take you to a dog park and a lagoon while the other will lead you to a pond, where there will likely be tables for you to sit and enjoy your beer. The owners have also been clearing out trees to form additional walking trails. But many will remain because they want to keep the outdoor experience centered around nature.

"We’ve saved a lot of the older trees so we have great shade, we’ll have some pretty trees that are just nice to be around,” said co-owner Kathryn Cripps.

But before any of that becomes a reality, the owners must receive a license through the federal government, which hasn’t been easy.

"We just happened to get our application submitted at kind of a bad time. When the government shutdown happened it really delayed the process quite a bit. They’re a government branch that wasn’t in the office for 21 days,” said Kochendorfer.

Once they receive their federal license, the next step will be acquiring a state license through the ABLE Commission and at that point, the fun will officially begin. "The excitement level has been really astounding to us. The anticipation and people asking when are you going to be open, when are you going to be open. We get it all the time so there’s a lot of excitement in the community for this to happen,” said Lenny Cripps.

Because they don’t know when they will receive those licenses, there is no hard-open date yet, but they’re shooting for July or August, though it could be pushed back to this fall. When it opens, you’ll be able to find it on be on McCurdy road, just South of the Lawton Duncan Y.

Story provided by KSWO Channel 7 News

By: Will Hutchinson


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