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Foundation coming along for Kochendorfer Brewing Company

Kochendorfer Brewing Company owners have announced a delay in opening the facility due to weather issues.

The brewery’s foundation is being poured at 1155 McCurdy Rd in Duncan, just south of the Lawton/Duncan YMCA. According to the owners, the brewery will sit on five wooded acres of land with a goal of being a destination for friends and families to get together.

Lenny and Kathryn Cripps and Chris and Laura (Coast) Kochendorfer began working on the Kochendorfer Brewing Company several years ago. When the two couples first met, they discovered they shared one thing in common: the dream of one day opening a brewery.

Though they wanted to have the brewery and taproom open sooner, Chris Kochendorfer said if everything goes to plan from here on out, Stephens County residents can expect a grand opening in mid-to-late summer.

“We should have a foundation by the end of the week if all goes according to plan,” reads a statement from Kochendorfer Brewing. “This has been a slow process with delays from weather and other issues beyond our control. With the government shutdown, approval time for licensing has gotten substantially longer. Due to delays, we are looking at more of a mid-late summer opening. It is difficult to give an exact timeline with so many factors that are out of our hands. We will continue to update as we go along and ask that you please bear (SIC) with us in the meantime.”

Once the foundation has set, Chris said hopefully the building will begin to go up in a couple of weeks.

“Everything will come together eventually and soon we will be letting everyone know about our celebration for grand opening,” Kochendorfer said.

For more information, visit kochendorferbrewing. com.

Story provided by The Duncan Banner

Written by: Charlene Belew


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