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1155 McCurdy Rd. Duncan OK 73533

Tap Room and Patio OPEN!

Thursday 2-10pm, Friday & Saturday 2-11pm, Sunday 2-10pm

​​Curbside Crowler Pickup Available!

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 2-7pm

Online Ordering or call 580-252-2337

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'If You Don't Like Beer, You Just Haven't Tried The Right One.'

Beer List

 Beer is our business 


Irish Red

IBU: 25 ABV: 5.8%

With notes of toasted malt, this Irish red is evenly balanced with the flavor and aroma of Magnum and Goldings hops. The color of this Irish style ale has a beautiful reddish hue from which it draws its name, but chances are you were too busy knocking her back to notice.



IBU: 29 ABV: 3.8%

This ebony-hued Irish style ale has a rich, roasted malt flavor, served with a nitrogen mix gas for a dense creamy head and mouthfeel. This stout is one-of-a-kind and bold, with notes of coffee and chocolate, but has a finish that'll kick you right in the pants.



IBU: 82.5 ABV: 7.3%

Originally an English style ale, the IPA has been one of the most widely interpreted beer styles. Our interpretation of the IPA has a deep, full-bodied, hop filled flavor and aroma. This IPA has the perfect balance of flavor and kick that'll keep you coming back.



IBU: 12 ABV: 5.89%

Our Dunkelweizen is a darker, slightly fuller tasting version of our Hefeweizen. It has the same banana and clove phenolics, with some earthy, toasted notes from the darker malts, which adds a depth of flavor you'll want to savor.



IBU: 0 ABV: 6.9%

This isn't your mother's cider - some gas station wine cooler with more sugar than a box of twinkies. This cider means business. It's made from pasteurized cider, light in color with a crisp refreshing taste and no added preservatives. It has a hint of sweetness with a bold taste ready for sipping.


Ruby Porter

IBU: 27 ABV: 5.5%

Porter was originally brewed to satisfy and sustain the working man. This version is brewed a little lighter in color and mouthfeel, but still maintains that depth of roasted chocolaty flavor that satisfies after a long day.


Pale Ale

IBU: 46 ABV: 6.5%

An American style Pale Ale, reminiscent of the microbrewery pioneer days when Cascade hops were king. Lighter in color than English style Pale Ale with a huge Cascade hops presence, both in flavor and aroma. Crisp, clean, satisfying.



IBU: 20 ABV: 5.5%

Kolsch is a German style ale that originated in Cologne. This style is fermented with an ale yeast that works at lower temperatures, giving it a lager-like character. It's clean, crisp and delicately balanced with a subdued maltiness, making it very smooth and refreshing. Perfect for spring and summer! (small batch, limited brew)



IBU: 12 ABV: 6.4%

This German-style wheat beer has a beautiful straw color reminiscent of the rolling plains. The notes of fruit and phenolic aroma pair with a mildly sweet and crisp flavor, with hints of banana and clove.


Cream Ale

IBU: 15 ABV: 6%

A pre-prohibition style American ale made with flaked corn in the mash, which gives it a bright golden color. This lightly hopped ale goes down nice and smooth. Just like the man behind the beer, the cream ale is easy to get along with and even easier on the eyes. Loved by beer connoisseurs and beer-virgins alike, this cream ale's light and smooth taste mixed with an abundance of flavor will leave you thirsty for more.


Imperial Stout

IBU: 29 ABV: 8%

The Imperial Stout is a "double" version of our Stout with the addition of cocoa nibs in the boil. It has a denser, thicker flavor and a chocolatey finish that will leave you wanting another sip. And, with twice the ABV, it will keep you warm this winter.

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